Extractions, Dentures, & Partials

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When teeth are severely broken down and the gum and bone supporting the them are in poor condition, it is often best to remove the teeth in question.  Attempting to restore teeth in such poor condition ends up being a waste of time, finances, and energy.  Infection can persist, causing further damage to other areas of the body.  When these teeth are removed, many people notice a significant change in the way they feel.  They often say that it was like they were sick all the time and just didn’t realize it; and they are exactly right.

Extractions can be done comfortably with proper anesthesia, and recent developments in the instruments used allow us to remove teeth more comfortably and quickly, and decrease the chance that a tooth may need to be surgically removed. 

Natural, comfortable teeth

Whether a full denture or a partial denture is needed, removable devices can be a cost effective way to replace many missing teeth.  While they cannot provide the chewing force or rock solid stability of fixed prosthetics like implants or bridges, dentures and partials remain a viable option for many patients.  

Dentures and partials are made to look just like natural teeth.  Partials will have small metal clasps or tooth colored resin clasps in discreet areas that will anchor them to the existing teeth.  A denture can be made before removing all of the teeth, allowing our patients to receive treatment without having to go without teeth.  We will always be there to follow up with you to adjust your denture, check your gum tissue, and reline the partial or denture for you as your bone changes.  

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