Cosmetic Dentistry

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Many people find that they do not smile in pictures, they cover their mouth when they laugh, or keep their lips over their teeth whenever possible.  Their anxiety over showing other people their teeth is so great that they cannot enjoy themselves they way they should in social situations.

There are many reasons that a smile doesn’t look as healthy and beautiful as it was meant to be.  Over time, teeth can become worn, stained, and fractured.  Large fillings can breakdown, discolor, and chip away.  Medications can stain the exterior of teeth, and even darken the interior color of the tooth if taken while the teeth are developing.  Congenital defects can cause teeth to be malformed.  There may be excessive space or crowding of teeth.  Older dental work will often show dark metal areas, gold, or look opaque.  Missing teeth and large areas of decay can be especially noticeable.

These problems do not have stop you from smiling anymore.

Modern techniques and materials have provided beautiful, comfortable, functional, and long-lasting treatment options for a wide range of problems.  Sometimes the solution is as simple as whitening stained teeth, recontouring chipped teeth, or removing a little excess gum tissue.  Other situations may call for ceramic restorations to rebuild and replace teeth.

All of this can be done comfortably and in as little as one or two appointments.  Cosmetic dentistry will not only return your smile to the beautiful, natural state it was meant to be, it will give you the freedom to smile widely and laugh loudly once again.

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