Sedation Dentistry

How long have you been having pain in your teeth? How long have you been putting off dental care that you know is critically important in keeping your mouth and the rest of your body healthy?  How long have you been hiding your smile behind your hand?

Sometimes the only thing more crippling than the pain is the fear that keeps you from getting healthy.

You are not the only person who suffers from this debilitating fear.  Millions of people completely avoid the dentist for the same reasons you do.  This fear often leads to embarrassment which can destroy your confidence and make you more reserved and removed in social situations.  The embarrassment only serves to increase your fear, and the often the pain will return with greater intensity.  It is a terrible cycle.

But it can be broken.

Imagine being able to get all the treatment needed to remove the pain and give you a healthy, beautiful smile; all the while being perferctly and very deeply relaxed, nearly oblivious to the treatment you are receiving, all of your fear gone, and having little or no memory of the appointment the next day.  It may sound like fiction, but with our absolute commitment to your comfort and the advances in modern dentistry, it can be the reality of your next dental appointment.  

Many of our patients, who were once completely terrified by the idea of just setting up an appointment, have become completely comfortable seeking treatment at our office.  For some, they feel so comfortable that after one or two appointments they no longer need sedation.  For others, sedation continues to provide the comfort they deserve so they can get the care they need.  Hear what our patients have to say about their experience.

Don't let your smile hold you back any longer.  Start living without the pain.  Contact us today.

Sedation Dentistry

The care you need, without the fear or memories

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  • Very professional and friendly.
  • What differentiates them from other experiences I had is how much concern they show for the well being of the patient.
  • When I woke up I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything went well.
  • Dr. Paul gives individual attention, setting you at ease. I have the outmost of confidence in his expertise and practice.