Implant Restorations

As close as you can come to getting your own teeth back. 

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth and have been dealing with the difficulties of removable partials or dentures, or have simply gone without teeth in one or more areas of your mouth, dental implants can offer you the ability to have a firm, stable, and comfortable bite once again.

Instead of resting a partial or denture on soft, moving tissue, implants can allow you to anchor any number of teeth directly to the bone, just as nature intended.  A titanium root form is placed in the bone and a crown or denture attachment is placed on the implant.  An implant does not rely on adjacent teeth for support and can provide you with many years of attractive teeth with excellent function.

Implants are especially helpful with those who wear conventional lower dentures and struggle with poor stability and retention.  By placing multiple implants and an attachment bar that snaps into the lower denture, stability is improved dramatically.  Insteading of skipping that corn on the cob, you may just sink your teeth right into it.  

While implant treatment requires significant planning, rest assured that Dr. Paul and his brother, Dr. Ted Fornetti, will work together to ensure that you get the incredible results you desire.

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